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Whether you’re stepping into a glamorous evening gown, a chic summer dress, or a casual off-shoulder top, Bala Babes’ adhesive bras offer the perfect complement.

High Quality Adhesive Bra

From everyday wear to special occasions, Bala Babes’ adhesive bras are designed to stay put, allowing you to move, dance, and enjoy life.

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Bala Babes’ adhesive bras offer Adhesive Excellence, utilizing medical-grade adhesive for secure hold and comfort during movement.

Tailored Comfort and Fit are their specialty, boasting a range of sizes and styles for diverse body shapes, ensuring day-long comfort and support.

Crafted with Quality Materials, their adhesive bras provide a pleasant wearing experience, even for sensitive skin.

Unwavering Durability is a hallmark, with a list of bra designs for multiple wears, promising lasting quality tailored to your lifestyle.

Stick-on bra Bala Babes
Strapless bra Bala Babes

Versatile Styles range from plunge to backless, allowing you to choose designs that complement any outfit or event.

A Seamless Experience is assured with clear instructions for easy application, removal, and care.

With Satisfaction Guaranteed through Bala Babes’ return and exchange policy, your confidence in every Bala Babes purchase is paramount.

Choose Bala Babes for an adhesive bra that delivers comfort, style, and dependability tailored uniquely to you.

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Questions About Adhesive Bras?

Bala Babes’ adhesive bras cater to diverse breast shapes, offering versatile lift and support. Available in various styles like plunge and push-up, these bras enhance your natural curves while seamlessly adapting to your body. Finding the right size is crucial for comfort and effectiveness, so consult size charts and reviews. Embrace backless dress and strapless styles confidently with adhesive bras, designed to provide optimal support for all shapes.

Adhesive bras blend style and comfort, ideal for extended daily wear. Crafted from soft materials, they conform to your contours. Medical-grade adhesive ensures secure hold minus irritation. Preferences vary; skin sensitivity and comfort affect wear duration. Many favor adhesive bras for events, workdays, and special occasions. To gauge comfort, try before committing. Follow our guideline for choosing, wearing and cleaning adhesive bras.

Adhesive bras embrace various body sizes and bust shapes. These bras offer a range of sizes, from small to extra-large, following standard sizing conventions (A, B, C, D, etc.). Consult brand sizing charts for the ideal fit, ensuring comfort, support, and seamless style. Adhesive bras empower wearers of all sizes to confidently flaunt strapless and backless fashion.

Adhesive bra size guide

Applying an Adhesive Bra

1. Preparation: Begin with clean, dry skin free from lotions or oils for optimal adhesive grip.

2. Positioning: Place bra cups against your breasts, adjusting for lift and support.

3. Peeling: Remove protective backing from adhesive cups, starting one at a time.

4. Application: Gently press adhesive cups from bottom to top, lifting and shaping breasts as needed.

5. Connecting: If applicable, adjust front clasp or drawstring for extra lift and cleavage.

Removing an Adhesive Bra

1. Loosening: Peel cups gently from top edges down to prevent discomfort.

2. Adhesive Release: For reusable adhesive, wash cups with mild soap and warm water to remove residue. Air dry.

3. Storage: If adhesive isn’t reusable, discard after removal. If reusable, protect with original backing for storage.

Discover the convenience of reusable adhesive bras at Bala Babes. Their thoughtfully crafted bras are designed for 15-20 wears with proper care. Using premium medical-grade adhesive, they retain stickiness post-gentle wash and air-dry. Bala Babes’ adhesive bras empower you to confidently flaunt backless and strapless styles on various occasions.

Curious about adhesive bra support? Designed ingeniously, these bras offer adaptable support for various occasions. While they may differ from traditional underwire bras, they ensure ample lift and shaping for backless, strapless, and low-cut outfits. Read more about pairing strapless bras with your outfits.

Support hinges on adhesive technology and bra design. High-quality adhesive bras feature innovative materials that securely adhere, providing natural lift. Many offer adjustable front clasps or drawstrings for customizable lift and cleavage.

Choose the right size and style for optimal support. Adhesive bras excel for outfits that can’t accommodate traditional bras, ensuring a seamless silhouette. For intense activities, pair with clothing for extra coverage.

Adhesive bras are safe for sensitive skin, owing to material and adhesive advancements. To ensure comfort:

1. Choose Hypoallergenic Adhesive: Opt for adhesive bras crafted with skin-friendly, hypoallergenic materials. Many brands prioritize irritation-free designs.

2. Conduct Patch Test: Before prolonged wear, perform a patch test. Apply adhesive to a less sensitive area, monitoring for reactions over hours.

3. Clean Skin: Ensure clean, lotion-free skin for secure adhesion and reduced irritation.

4. Rely on Reviews: Gain insights from reviews by fellow sensitive-skin users of your chosen adhesive bra. Embrace comfort and confidence with adhesive bras designed to accommodate your sensitive skin.

Ensure your adhesive bras stay their best with these care steps:

1. Hand Wash: Use lukewarm water and mild, fragrance-free soap for gentle hand washing. Skip harsh detergents and fabric softeners.

2. Thorough Rinse: Post-wash, ensure soap residues are completely rinsed off to maintain adhesive effectiveness.

3. Air Dry: Air dry adhesive bras on a clean, flat surface. Skip heat sources like radiators or direct sunlight that can harm the adhesive.

4. Protective Storage: Store adhesive bras thoughtfully, ideally with protective plastic film attached to cups to shield adhesive from dust and debris.

5. No Towels: Avoid towel use for drying, as fibers can stick to adhesive, affecting its performance.

6. Revive Reusable Adhesive: Refresh reusable adhesive by gently washing the adhesive side with mild soap and warm water. Air dry before next use.

7. Pre-Wear Prep: Ensure clean, oil-free skin before wearing, ensuring the adhesive’s grip. Follow these steps to enjoy adhesive bras that support your style, confidence, and comfort.

Adhesive bras embrace versatility, catering to various breast shapes. Fuller bust, petite, or in-between – there’s an adhesive bra that aligns with your contours.

Adhesive bras offer diverse styles like plunge and push-up, enhancing your silhouette and outfit. Adapting to your natural curves, they discreetly lift and support.

Ensure comfort and efficacy by choosing the right size. Brands provide size charts and reviews that guide you toward an ideal fit. Experiment with styles and sizes to pinpoint your perfect match. With the right adhesive bra, confidently flaunt backless and strapless fashion, regardless of your breast shape.